Derek Fisher is still waiting for his five

After watching the Heat vs Thunder game tonight, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of appreciation for Derek Fisher. After draining a buzzer beating, half court heave, everyone on the thunder bench shows Derek love except one guy.

Check at about 0:25. Derek is dying for it.

That guy was pissed when he eventually gave it up (saving for a raining day/Perry Jones III windmill maybe?). How could you be mad at that?

It’s moments like these that make the internet awesome.

I’m OUT.

Big Misses Part 1: Introduction and Alphabets.


Everyone wants to be the first person to have something before it becomes popular. Everyone want’s to know that band before they were big and throw it in everyone’s face (I was riding the Macklemore train for years and it finally paid off).


Macklemore’s 2005 release, Language of the World. Yeah I’m that guy.

Nobody wants to hear me say that but everyone wishes they were that person. A trendsetter that has the vision into the future of swag or sports or anything. Well many times we’re either late to the party or put our money on the wrong horse. I know i’m using a lot of cliches here but you get my point.

I will be highlighting five of my biggest pop-cultural mistakes. The people, places or things I thought would be huge and are more Mugsy Bouguesish now. Enjoy.

5. Luke Christopher

Hip hop

Love the image but I should have seen this coming.

In 2012, I found this rapper on GMAD (Good Music All Day, great website for new music, this example not withstanding) and I thought I had hit gold. Luke Christopher was a 18 year old kid from L.A. at the time and had released his mixtape, Building Skies. I was hooked. His flow was crisp, he could sing, his production was different. He had a very drake foundation with a Asher Roth DGAF-like attitude. A weird, but perfect combination.

It seemed inevitable that we would blow up instantly and I let that be known. To everyone…Of course did he?


After two years and a internet check back in and his new stuff is still good but nobodies talking about it. So many artists have popped up in that time and still no grammy nods for Luke. No features with J. Cole or spots on kimmel. Just a good rapper with 30,000 views on youtube. The reason he’s the first of my five part series of whoopsies isn’t for his failure (because to be honest, the kid is still super young). It’s here because I thought I had found the second coming of hip hop and I found well,…not that. Goes to show you that being super talented and full of charisma will only get you…… well it can take you anywhere. But for Mr. Christopher he’s still hanging on.

Anywhoo, I can’t pick all winners and for now, Luke is my first, my last, my neverything.

All this being said, I’m still pushing for this kid so go check him out. The song is a bit corny but I like him.

Till Next Time, I’m OUT…

My Thoughts

What up y’all,

And by y’all at this point, I mean myself. But well see if that changes soon.

This Blog is more of a electronic journal. A chance to argue with myself over why I hate Jude law or who’s better than Hakeem… (bitch no one!!!)

The voice in my head sounds like Billy Dee Williams but I look like a rich man’s ethan hawk..

Basically here is my brain. Here are my thoughts..


And I am a Thought GOD!!!

Kevin Hart Outro!!!!! Uhhh Uhhh Get Money!!